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    used radiator hose for busted exhaust coupler still have a leak

    do i need to use a different hose? or a sealant? i reduce the smoke in the front of the hull by 90% because my coupler had a hole so i replaced it with a radiator hose and WOT on the lake for 3 min the smoke will build in the hull and slows down the engine. i open the hood and let the smoke out. and i can go fast again for 3 min but the small exhaust leak is killing me

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    Use semi truck heater hose. 2 1/2" I think. That or oem coupler.

    You should only need two hose clamps to get a good seal. My guess is you have a hole in your waterbox or resonator. Run it on the hose and take a flash light and go all the way down the exhaust (front to back) looking for fumes. They should show up easily with the flashlight. Once you find it, follow it to the source. It could be in a very tricky spot like under the waterbox or somwhere you can't see like the backside of the resonator.

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    the leak started at one place after the cone and before the water box. i just have trouble getting it where there is no leak. i used radiator hose and that thing expanded in the middle FAT! so i dunno if that hose was strong enough,

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    first off its not radiator hose. You are using the wrong material

    the hose is marine wet exhaust hose/fuel filler hose.

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