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    Question 01 GP800R Rebuild Advice *Updated!*


    I tore the engine down.

    Pto crank bearing was making a very minor growl - ordered a new one. Do i need to replace the crankshaft seals? Do they have to be oem?

    Cylinder and piston were bad - found a good matching pair

    Also ordered wave eater clips, wrist pin bearings, head gasket, base gaskets, exhaust gasket, intake gaskets, carb rebuild kits and new rings. Any other suggestions?

    If i replace the rings (using the used cylinders and pistons) what type of break in procedure is necessary? Can i expect good results from using used jugs? I plan on keeping the ski all stock.

    I purchased my First Yamaha Ski this past week as a project. I would appreciate any advice on which route I should take to get her back on the water. I love yamaha's, but this is my first yamaha watercraft! I have read the past 120 pages of threads to educate myself on the GPR's as I am used to the mid 90's Seadoo's. Please Help!

    2001 GP800R
    143 hrs
    All stock
    Front cylinder 60psi, Rear cylinder 120psi
    Very minor scoring on the cylinder walls (not used to nikasil)
    Crank and Head seem fine

    I am curious whether I should have the Front cylinder jug honed and replated and change the piston, or if I should do a top end swap through SBT or another company that you suggest. I have completed a muriatic acid swab test and have the pictures attached, however I need to know what any of you Yamaha professionals suggest!

    With Acid on the Walls

    Top of the Bad Piston

    Bad Cylinder Walls

    Bad Cylinder Walls through exhaust port

    Bad Piston through exhaust port

    View of dome over bad cylinder

    Left dome is over good cylinder (the clean one)

    Another view of the Muriatic Acid test

    View of the top of the good piston

    View of the good cylinder walls

    Please Advise on what you think caused the failure (perhaps a lean condition on the cylinder which may be evident by the lack of piston wash?)

    I am so used to Seadoo's and wanted to upgrade to a yamaha! BTW I love the site! Very informative. Thanks in advance!

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    Smile Update after teardown

    ttt. New info!

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