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    Injector info

    Do the riva 50# injectors flow more or less than the bosh 50# injectors.
    Im sure i read somewhere that they flow less unless i got it the other way around and they flow more.

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    I dont know if the Riva injectors would flow any less.

    I do know that the brand Riva use is Rochester and in the car industry they are the most un-reliable injector you can get and are avoided.

    I did see better AFR's with bosch injectors compared to the Riva ones.

    Stick with Bosch IMO.

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    50lb is the same as 50lb, so no diff.

    The spray pattern could be another thing though.

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    Also Richie depends on how accurate that certain injector is controlled.

    This wont matter too much at WOT unless they are not opening right up but have seen a few injectors off cars flow different amounts at certain % open etc. I.E 50% open and flowing more than 10% difference.

    Should put in terms of reliability you cant go past Bosch.

    Will they flow the same at 100% open? Probably.

    But after 50,000 times opening and closing then maybe not.

    Injector technology has come along way in the last few years.

    You can now get 1000cc injectors running on honda civic and it will idle like a stock one.

    A couple of years ago this was not possible

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    +1 rick the Rochester is great but let's say a few words about injectors.
    There are 2 types of injectors the thin plastic like the siemens deka witch is very bad and the metal injectors like the riva.
    The difference is that the magnet inside the injector is very bad and unstable and maybe they say that they are 50lb but for how long and in what rpm.They are 50lb at the 6000rpm but at the 8000rpm the are not even close to 40lb.

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    Re: Injector info

    I know the boschs are a bit rich at idle whereas ive heard the rivas are not. No biggie I assume

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    Flow has very little to do with rpms it has to do with fuel pressure and at what pressure they use to rate the injector i.e. a bosch injector is rated [email protected] of fuel pressure where as from memory the rochestor style use a base pressure of 48psi to rate the injector so if you work on that theory the riva 50lb injectors actually flow less than the bosch style injectors hence why they might be a little richer at idle etc,the other thing to look at is fuel pump efficiency and flow at certain pressures but thats another topic!

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