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    2001 Genesis oil collecting on throttle body

    Yesterday, I noticed after our first outting, there was blue 2cycle oil on top of the throttlebody. I checked the oil lines and they were secure and dry. I removed the breather and checked the two bolts per intake and they were tight.

    On the PTO, it looks like some oil is oozing down the side and looks moist. The amount of oil was like a dab on middle and pto intakes. Just concerned the engine isn't getting all the oil it should be. Otherwise everything was clean and dry.

    Any ideas before I remove the throttlebody?

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    Trim the ends off the oil lines at the throttle bodies, clean up the nipples, and re-attach. Clean any oil from the exterior, so you can easily detect new oil seepage.

    Run the engine with the flame arrestor removed. Watch for signs of oil blowing back up the intact throats when you run the engine, or rev it very briefly.

    If you see oil or fuel mist pulsing UP the throats, you may need to check the intake reeds for damage. Wear eye protection

    Also look for signs of leakage at the gaskets in the intake system.

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