03 gp800r update, running very lean. alright well went at the gp yesterday, and pulled the carbs played with the fuel screws made sure they were evenly adjusted and what not, put gapped and installed new br8es's went for a ride, and thing is still bogging like crazy of the line, but as soon a you hit the primer and it goes. so i pulled it off the water, and pulled the plugs and they are ash white. the story of the ski. well it had a newer sbt motor in it, but the oil seals blew out. pulled the motor, split cases, inspected everything, still looks brand new inside. and replaced them. fixed the smoking issue.

also carbs are brand new as well, unsure of jetting though. any way, i am thinking that the carbs are incorrectly jetted, Low speeds are at 1 1/2 turn out. highs un sure as they dont really have nob on them.

so i am thinking of rejetting the carbs for a open airbox setup? is that wise? if not does anyone have a suggestion to what i should jet them to? oh yea ski is stock, ran it with the airbox, not open.

oh ya could someone verify what the compression is suppose to be on this thing i have searched with results varying between 120-160