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    HELP rxp-x over heating

    hello I have a litte problem.. my rxp-x it has a 8600 ecu and 50p Fuel Injector and havent repich my impeller so im runig 8250 I all so have throw hull exhoust Riva Valve Retainer Upgrade kit and air Intake.. I had ben riding for a bout 1,1/2h or so when my motor over heated so I pulled my seat and all my engen collent was at the botum of my ski so dus enyone have eny Idea what happen


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    i just went over this a couple days ago. you might want to triple check your afr.

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    Re: HELP rxp-x over heating

    Blown head gasket bro. Dont ride that ski till you correct it.
    Also it seems to be recommended to use the riva stud kit and riva gasket

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