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    Sportster hull seam issue need advice

    Ok so the silicon on the rear seam of my boat failed and was leaking bad so I had to drill out the rivets and remove the rubber bumper so I could seal it all back up properly but I am having a hard time finding the rivets and the dealer wants 2 bucks a piece for them so my question is do these rivets simple hold on the rubber rub rail or are they a structural piece that hold the two halves of the boat together because if they are not structural I was thinking about using some self rappers or something to hold the rub rail on with any input from some of you see doo gods would be greatly appreciated

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    I posted this awhile ago.

    For months I have been chasing for a water leak in my 05 sportster. Seems to always get about 3-4 gal of water in the engine conpartment, this was driving me nuts. I had checked the carbon ring, around the ride plate, drain plugs ( they did leak too ) any thing that was bolted to the hull below the water line. Finally found that the back of the boat around the bounding line ( top deck meets the hull ) had a fine line of silicone adheasive sealing the two halves together. Every time I would accelerate water would come gushing in at this bound line, What a poor attemt to bond two mating surfaces together Sea-doo needs to start using better adheasives to join structual surfaces together. I drilled out all of the rivits around the back of the boat and cleaned in between the joint then used 3m 5200 to re seal and bound the seam back together. I had to go back to the dealer to purchase the long rivits needed to re rivit the bond line together. If any one is trying to find a leak that seems impossible to find check your bond line.[/

    Mcmaster carr is the place to order the rivets from, Part # AD616ABS203 sold as a box of 100 Aluminum rivets, Much cheaper than the dealer, $13.00 for the box

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