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    Unhappy Information Cluster Units, RXT iS - Imperial (MPH) to Metric (KMH) Settings

    Okay, I've done an extensive search of forum threads and couldn't find information about this, so that's why I'm posting.

    On the RXT iS, how does one change the units from MPH to KMH? And also from Fahrenheit to Celsius for the water temperature reading? I've also looked in the manual (first thing I did of course) and I couldn't find any information either. I tried going into the SETTINGS menu and all that's in there is IBR OVERRIDE and VTS MODE... And the DISPLAY SETTINGS menu just allows me to change what's on the main display, SPEED, RPM and WATER TEMPERATURE but doesn't allow changes to the units themselves.

    PLEASE don't tell me I need to take it to the dealer to have it changed via BUDS system? I think that I've done it once last year, but I don't exactly remember... Unless it was the dealer that did it?

    If someone could point me in the right direction, that would really help. Everything was great last season, but the dealer took out my battery for me over the winter months and it defaults back to imperial and I forgot to check it before I took my machine back from them.

    Thanks guys!

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    Hello Chris,
    I'm looking for the same information, but obviously no one here knows the answer.
    What a pity, but I don't have BUDS and don't know where to purchase it.
    Bye Burkhard

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    You do not need BUDS, you can use the Candoopro system to change this.

    It can be purchased right here in the store:

    Once you have the system, you can use it for all of your maintenance work on your ski.

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