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    2000 GP 1200r Help needed

    My ski is a 2000 GP 1200r Mellenium Edition only mods I know of since I bought it used is has a tow hook Riva steering nozle and I think they changed the inpeller for more take off then top end.

    I usually can hit 57 by the dash speedo was riding good shut it down for about an hour started back up and everything seemed fine was heading out from a now wake zone once I got clear I got on the throttle and it bogged down and high reved so i got off the throttle tried again same thing so i shut it down shook the ski side to side incase i got some seeweed or grass in the grate started back up slowly was able to get up to 40 mph but if I tried to go to fast it would pegg out at to max rpm which is 8k I got it back to the ramp took it out couldnt see anything wrong took it home and flushed it no issues so I assume its something with the jet pump or impeller since it seems to run good when flushing it. any help as to what to start checking would be greatly appreciated. before having to take it to yamaha.

    I took the intake grate and tunnel plate off nothing clogging the impeller.

    I did notice that the ypvs servo number 2 cable was not properly connected i got it back on correctly do you think this may have been causing the issue?
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    Search gear stripped. I think there is a common problem with the drive shaft at some point stripping the teeth and that sounds like your prob. And the servo motor/valve prob will not let you reach max rpm's.

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    yea man I got a 2000 as well and thats exactly what heppend to mine a few weeks ago, I strippd the teeth off both drive shafts. SUX balls bro gl

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