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    Supercharger Upgrade

    OK Guys,
    What is the next step directly above a Riva Stage 3
    SC??????? This is for 07 RXT 215
    I would like just a little more power and have the fuel
    covered on it.

    Also, on GTX 185 hp, is there a step up
    from the Vortech Original Gen 1 s/c impeller.
    I don't want to do whole charger, just an impeller swap
    if possible. Want to make sure am compatible with
    the diff # of gear teeth in the 185 hp model.

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    Tom, you can take the S3 upgrade out of your RXT supercharger and install it into your GTX.

    Then get a whole new X charger for your RXT.

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    Do you have 42's yet? Like Jerry said you could go with an X-charger that'll have about 0.5-1 lb of boost more, but along with your rrfpr you'll need 42's. According to your sig block, you need to tune the prop you have right now. 8300 RPM's you are ALL over the limiter (according to your top speed). You could add some pitch to your 14/19 and that would give you a little better acceleration and a higher top speed. Another option would be to replace your stock I/C with an XS and do the bleed mod to it, and probably be at the same boost level with your S3 as an X-charger with the stock I/C (the stock I/C is very restrictive) but save a bit of money. Just my $0.02

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    the teeth wont fit on that u can get a et spacer and wheel for 200+ bucks

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