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    13" Bias Ply or 12" Radial

    I have to choose between 13" Bias Ply "C" load range or 12" Radial "E" load range.

    Which is better and why?


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    Only benefit to bias ply is cost. If you don't constantly slam your trailer tires into curbs then go with radial, much stronger and more rugged tire. I would suggest going with 13" radials if you can. 12 inch tires spin faster and thus don't last as long and are more prone to failure than larger tires. Also larger tires absorb more energy from bumps on the road and thus give your cargo a smoother ride.

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    Do you mean if I slam my tires into curbs than gob with Radials because their stronger?

    13" Radials are not an option from the factory.

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    Bias ply are a little more forgiving if hit from the sides but that flexibility is also what makes them weaker overall and less reliable. If you are ordering a trailer from a supplier and they are only giving you the choice between 13" bias ply and 12" radial go with the 12" and upgrade to 13" radials later.

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    +1 radials

    keep the set of bias plys tires/rims as last ditch emergency spares

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    Radials it is! Thanks for the comments!

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