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    2006 GTX Limited

    Almost ready to buy a 06 GTX Limited. Has 53 hours, had a buds test done checked ok, just worried as can be about pulling the trigger on the deal. This would be my first ski and will be mainly used for family riding and tubing. All the talk about the washers and rebuilds have me very worried. I dont have the money to be using on repairs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I would say the washer swap is a must do,then you should be fine. Keep in mind that you might need a SC rebuild at 100 hrs.

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    manly people who rec ride never have a problem with the ceramic washers. Those who did wished they would have changed them out - I just did my 07 RXT I bought with 25 hours for peace of mind. Your choice. Good luck - you'll love it.

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    i love my 2007 gtx limited -- but i changed out the washers fairly fast -- only because i went with the upgraded super charger -- then the itch set in --after 3 more super chargers and many more upgrades i have reached my limited -- next year I'm thinking of buying a 2011 gtx i.s. and leaving it stock -- only because i want to ride and have fun -- not spending half of my time trying to key everything in

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    Bought a Gtx my self of 2003. I bought it with 140 hours and the guy has done all these hours with ceramic washers. never had a problem !!

    First thing I did wen i bought it was to change to metallic washers though because of all the threads I read in here. I guess it was better not to have think about it every single time I hit the water...piece of mind !!!

    other than that a simple change of oil/plugs and perhaps winterizations is all you will ever need, along with the supercharger rebuilt. many claim that it should be done in 100 hours but that really depends on how you are using it. What was actually proposed to me by my dealer was to inspect it every 10-20 hours and if the Lbs/ft is not ok then proceed with the rebuild. rather than waiting the 100 hour mark. so every season at least you should take a look on the SC and act accordingly.

    as far as the tubing is concerned keep in mind that it might not be the best solution as far as space is concerned. You need to have the car near you with all the stuff in it. It is nothing like a boat. i was thinking that i will do all my water activities with my ski but this is not the case, snce the lack of space is very important in PWC's. They will perform excellent but it is rather the inconvenience of having to carry tubes, ropes, skis, wakeboards, in the trunk of the car. not to mention that you have to park near the sea in case you want to just ride for fun, in order to place them in storage again. (not to mention water in the car etc.)

    my 2 cents

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