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    Carbon Ring/Seal

    OK, so I got mine out of the RXT...
    The new 1 and old 1 look Exactly The Same !!

    HOW does this thing even seal.. Thought it
    would be tight fit over driveshaft, but it's very loose.
    So WHAT seals out the water ???

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    The floating ring which is against the carbon seal does the sealing.
    Carbon ring does nothing ,it's the combination of the two.
    Watch if the surfaces of the carbon ring and floating ring are real smooth.
    If not replace them,you will get a leak over there.
    Also inspect the o-rings in the floating ring,if worn change them to,otherwise you will have a leak to.
    In fact it's safer to change carbon and floating ring at once,this way you will be safe for some time.
    Hope this helps.

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    I am in the process of changing my carbon ring too, and just to be safe, I am replacing the carbon ring, support ring (stainless steel ring the carbon ring seals against) and the accordion boot. To make it seal better you can put zip ties around the creases of the accordion boot.

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    The driveshaft should not touch the carbon ring if alignment is good. The sealing happens due to the pressure of the rubber accordion boot pushing the carbon ring against the SS support ring/retainer. The surfaces need to be very smooth and the accordion must have adequate pressure in order for this setup to work.

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    i replaced mine and the old one looked brand new, but after putting the new one in i wasn't getting anymore water in the hull. i measure the thickness with a micrometer and it looked perfectly sound. go figure, but replacing it sure did the job

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    Thanks for the input guys
    I replaced the ring, ss floater w. 2 orings, ..
    I'll see if that helps..
    Will make it to the lake on friday..
    Crossing my fingers.

    It doesn't feel like the driveshaft has as much up/down
    play in it now.. They look identical, so we'll find out soon

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