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    Exit nozzle question

    2001 GP1200R
    -Pro-tec head 32cc dome
    -Novi Carbs
    -Factory pipe triples
    -TDR water box
    -Advent CDI
    -RnD billet exhaust vavles
    -14 vien skat magnum pump and prop
    -Jets intake grate
    -Riva ride plate
    -RnD auto drop nozzle
    -Rnd 5 degree up exit it nozzle 87mm

    My question is would it be an advantage to open up the exit nozzle if so how many mm. My carbs. are pretty dialed in and have tryed like three different props but I feel like the prop is over spining off line.(also open to any other suggestion)

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    if you feel your blazing the prop off the line, you may want to try a 85mm 5* venturi nozzle... if you`ve exhausted your prop choices and pitches...

    hopefully someone with skat pump experiences can share some info with you...

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