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Thread: 15F ride plate

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    15F ride plate

    I tried something different over the winter while the pump was off for inspection. I removed the ride plate and sanded progressively up to the point of using scotch brite and polishing compound to acquire a shiny surface.

    The machine rides pretty much the same but I picked up 3-4 mph. In all the time I have owned the thing the most I ever got out of it was 63 indicated and now I have 67. I know a few mph is dick all but it did reduce drag and I did not have to spend a couple of hundred bucks on a special ride plate. Who would have thought......


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    i was told recently that some race boats spray their hulls with lanotec for an increase in top speed never tried but someone might have.

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    did same thing with my rideplate and gained 3 miles per hour.
    dont forget to fill rideplate holes, that helps too

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    I have tried filling the rideplate holes and sealing the plate but never polishing it, sounds like easy speed to me


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    please post a pic of how shiny your talking i was thinking about doing the same thing to mine since its now winter in oz

    cheers trev

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    what are u filling the holes on the plate with??? silicone sealant??

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    Do you use a gps to get your reading? Interesting at least though. Thanks

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    You can see light reflections in it but it is what it is for pot metal.

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