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    I have a 2008 RXTX has stage 1 riva, Nozzle, intake mod, riva waterbox, Nopas, Riva sponsons, catch can etc..

    Does the nozzle really make a big difference? My friend just had a stage 1 done with no nozzle.. His turns so much better than mine.. turns tigher, has better launch, Mine is faster. . but not much.. Top speed ever was 74.3 real cold day no fuel/. but normal top speed around 72.3 I have 82mm ring in now..

    Does the larger opening make it turn tigher?

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    The smaller the nozzle, the narrower jet of water you have coming out the back. It gives you a higher top speed, but at the sacrifice of holeshot (or launch). I could see how it could slightly affect steering simply because the nozzle is pushing a narrower jet, but I can't say with any certainty.

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