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    260LX Ultra FI problem

    Just got a new 260LX and ran it 6-7 hours then it started flashing FI error. you press the two buttons and get CAA1 or CAAI fault. Was told that's the cam pos. sensor so I checked that and indeed the cam pos. sensor had come disconnected. I reconnected it, now the engine cranks but there is no spark, it's not flooded (something that also occurred once) - there is no spark and CAAI/1 error will not clear. Any ideas anyone, I'm happy to pay to solve this issue ASAP and of course will feedback progress to help others who have this issue

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    problem solved

    ok, solved it myself. it was the connection to the cam sensor - brand new jetski - who would have thought. i twisted the flat pins slightly so they made a better connection - problem solved - cheers

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