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    What are these skis worth?

    Hey everyone,
    Moving over here from the old school section. I am looking to get into the 21st century with my skis. My neighbor has a 2002 gp1200r and a 2000 xlt1200 on a double load rite trailer. The downside they have been sitting outside unused for 3-4 years. They are filthy. I am going to make an offer on these skis and just wanted to get an opinion on what they are worth in there current state. I tried to get them to turn over today and here is all the details I have. As a tool for negotiation, there is a pair of gp1200r s mint with a double trailer, riva stinger exhausts and solas props plus some other goods selling for 4500 locally.

    2002 gp1200r

    • high compression head
    • carbs were tuned
    • wave eater clips
    • solas prop
    • aftermarket grate and plate
    • msd ignition
    • custom seat cover
    • GPSd at 71mph before it was put away

    • Cannot get it to crank over
    • hydroturf is shot
    • port side of the hull has some damage from where the other ski hit it, not structural just cosmetic
    • Carbs need to be rebuilt
    2000 xlt 1200
    • Hooked up a fresh battery and it cranked right over and the guages lit up
    • 71 hours on the ski
    • solas prop
    • everything else is stock
    • Engine compartment is very clean

    • VERY FILTHY hull
    • has a small tree growing in one of the foot wells as well as moss
    • hydroturf and seat cover is shot
    • Carbs need to be rebuilt
    Load Rite trailer

    • owner bought it brand new
    • 2 place trailer will save space in my yard

    • Has not moved in 3-4 years
    • showing some rust
    From what I can tell, there is no structural damage done to the fiberglass from the water in the foot wells.

    Thanks for all of the help I really appreciate it
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    I can exactly answer that question, but who the hell let these things get in that kind of shape, awful!?
    Find the value on NADA / Kelly Blue Book and use the obvious problems to chew it WAY down if you can!

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    Do a compressin check on both so you realy know what you are getting engine-wise.

    Thats disgusting. They really threw their money away, I hope he isnt asking too much.

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    Well... If it were ME, I would lowball and offer like 1500 for the pair... and then I would part them out and take the profit and buy one nicer ski... I would not waste my time with those..
    Neither run and they look awful. He has to be realistic about what he sells them for. More than likely, he just wants them gone.. but you can evaluate that by talking to him.


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    I wouldn't pay any more than about 4000 for all of it.

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    Motors are prob rusted internaly requiring a full rebuild. Price out those parts and add it to what you want to pay for the set up. If that figure comes out higher that what you would spend buying two good running ones then adjust the price down.

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    wtf is that really a tree growing there ?

    why would you even let it get to that point bro? i say you clean them up and get some more dough for it. just my .02cents...

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    offer him 2k for everything if he dosent want to sell let him keep those junkers. But if he does sell part out the XL sell the double trailer. rebuild the GPR and buy a sinle trailer or if u like the XL over the GPR u can do that vis versa

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    you call that a tree? I was expecting to see someting 10 feet high with apples growing off of it.

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    I bought a 92 wr500 a few mths ago that had set in the forrest for a cpl years with no use. While the seat and cover was still on it that didn't help much from moss and mildew and whatever else nature has from growing all over it.

    I bought it for the trailer mainly, but I took it home, washed it inside and out, used bleach all over it and it shined up almost like new. I primed it up and she fired right up. Still does better than the 2 gp 1200's Ive got. I did some basic maintenance and I ran it a few times on the river, it ran great. And this past weekend, I sold it for 1k, I paid $250. I made a descent profit......

    My point, if you can get them for a really good price, they MAY be a good investment for personal use or money. and with some tlc may run and clean up like new.
    I would just check them over really really well, and go from there. I myself, probably would offer them half of asking price.

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