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    GP1200R crank lubrication

    I'm in the middle of a rebuild and was wondering about crank lubrication in a 2002 GP1200R. I have reach Fercho's thread about engine building and was wondering how much oil to use. Is any extra oil added to the lower case during assembly? And how does the crank receive lubrication after it's all bolted up? Thanks for any assistance.

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    if you have to clean crankshaft sit on a halfed in two 5 gallon bucket.. to clean i use air & add 2 stroke oil to bearings.. air will turn bearings just put 2 stroke oil over all bearings on crankshaft make sure bearings are turning free..
    x2 cylinders upside down add top casing crankshaft make sure all locating pins in correct place with front & rear seals.. add your gasket sealer & fit bottom casing then tighten down & torque..make sure crankshaft turns freely..turn over & add little more 2 stroke oil to crank bearings from top holes in casings & lubricate conrod bearings...hope this helps..

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    That did help, thanks. No extra oil is added to the bottom case?

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    No extra oil needed

    Make sure to run your breakin mixture a little heavy for first tank, but you do not need to fill the crankcase with oil. The fuel oil mix will lube the crank well enough.

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    One more thing

    Pay real close attention to the big crank bearing and make sure you set the bearing correctly on the locating pin. Oil hole will not line up properly and will make mating the cases correctly impossible.

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    got it, thanks

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