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    slx780 hull swap

    One of my skis got a nice little chunk taken out of the corner last weekend, thought about getting it fixed but think I'd rather just swap out bottmhalf of the hull. I found quite a few hulls locally, but not sure which hulls are the same as mine. looked at a 93 650 last night and everything but where the driveline looked right/ found a 785 pro hull but read on here that it's diff / looked at a 94 sl 750 also looked diff around the driveline.

    So I guess the question is 1995 slx 780, what are my options for bottom hull? models, years all that good stuff ?

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    welcome to the hulk!

    if your talking about swapping just the bottom of the hull? thats alot of work... you should just swap the motor into a good hull you could also sell the parts of the ski and get a diffrent one as well..

    but you should post some photos ofthe damage andmaybe it isnt as bad as you think..

    but i think any 94 above sl hull should work.. you could even put it into the slt (3 seater) hull if you wanted..

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