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    Question 2000 GP1200R stator problem

    Have a GP1200R that has had a nagging misfire issue for 4+ years. Issue got worst this year. After swapping the old OEM CDI back in for the R and D one, did not solve problem. New Odyssey battery, new spark plugs. After the boat hits more than 4,000RPM, it sounds like it is hitting the rev limiter. After getting to 6,500 RPMs yesterday, boat lost all power and engine totally cut out. I believe there is just not enough juice coming from the stator to keep all 3 cylinders charged above idle. At least I was able to restart machine. Any one had this nagging issue with there machine? Any one think it might be something else? Electrical problems are the worst! The battery never goes dead. I am able to still go out on the water but machine is not much fun to ride. I heard if it was a coil issue, there wouldn't be any spark on a misfired cylinder at any RPM. Thanks for any help. (I have RIVA Stage 2 with Dyna-fly pump and impeller)

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    Check compression first, rule out the easy stuff then look at the hard stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobie6916 View Post
    I heard if it was a coil issue, there wouldn't be any spark on a misfired cylinder at any RPM.
    That is incorrect.

    How did you determine it is the stator? Have you checked:

    Powervalve operation (are they intact, operating properly, at the right rpm, is the PV motor ok)
    Carbs (popoff pressure, jetting, mixture screws, fuel pressure, pulse lines, etc.)
    Spark plug wires

    There are many, many things you did not mention that could be the cause of this.

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