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    Question Virage TX - Hull cracking

    Ok, I've got a 2001 Virage TX 1200. Recently, I've noticed a whole load of hairline cracks just under where the rear seat meets the front seat squab.
    I've put it down to stress as it's where my rear end is meeting the seat in the surf. Is this common? It almost looks like an elongated spider web.
    I've also got some similar cracks on the left hand side bow, around the waterline. This is probably more concerning and could affect my insurance assessment too.
    There's a bigger crack at the front end, kinda horse shoe shaped, which I believe was the result of a VERY slow impact / bounce off a harbour wall!

    Cash is really tight at the moment, so I'm wondering whether it's a viable idea to sand down these cracks, fill them with plastic padding gelcoat filler, then get a colour match paint spray from a local specialist and spray it back over. (Maybe I could do some of the little scratches on the sides too)
    I wondered if anyone else has had this issue & also a bit of advice about the route I'm planning on going (i.e. fill & spray).

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    It's a very common issue to have cracks in the webs of the hull and is not a serious danger. Remember, the hull is rather thick and is pretty strong on it's own. As an insurance issue it's not a problem here in the US, at least nothing I have ever heard of...heck, they never even look at or inspect your watercraft here. There's no need to do anything at this point unless you have ribs completely missing.

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    Thanks for the advice on this. My insurance company have said I need to have my ski inspected before next years policy..... not that they're exactly going to turn down my money anyway!
    Thought I'd better check that this isn't a major issue though. Don't want my beloved polaris sinking on me!

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    Can you post up some clear photos of the damaged areas?

    Inside and outside of the hull at those locations.

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