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    Need some opinions on what to do....

    Hey guys, I currently own a 1997 XP and a 1998 XPL. I am trying to figure out whether it is smart to sell the 1997 XP and get another XPL or should I keep the 1997 XP? I have two skis because me and my wife go out together. she is always wanting to ride the XPL because its faster. also, anyone have any insight as to why the 1997 XP blue books for more than the 98 XPL?

    Give me your thoughts on the subject please.

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    There is no good reason to think the 97 is worth more. It's not. The Blue Book people dont buy anything and with so few units sold are about worthless in valuing skis.

    Depending on the region the 97 should bring about $1000 - 1500. If it runs and you like it, keep it.

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    I am in florida. The ski runs and looks good. however, me and my wife are always going back and forth on swapping out riding the XPL. I guess it simply comes down to that fact....

    I was just wondering if anyone sees any reason to keep the 97 XP instead of selling it and getting an XPL.

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    well for starters you know what you have, you won't know what you may get. get a set of flame arrestors and rejet your carbs and a prop,see if that satisfies you two. get a bilge pump for each ski too.

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