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    SL750 Overheating HELP

    So just got inside with bad news my 750 hull w a slx780 motor isn't getting water?? After bout 10 min of riding I am completely over heated and the water box sizzles when water touches it... I tried depressing the plastic valve by the clylinder heads and at first nothing then sporadic spurts of luke warm water?????? What should be my check list how do i make sure its getting water..... Thanks in advance.

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    there is a plug like 8-9 inches in front of the impeller.... could this be the culprit???

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    Plastic valve by the cylinders?

    Do you have pictures of this?

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    No will take some in a sec..... it comes off the blue manifold(water) says polaris on it.... will go take pic now

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    When i depress that little valve warm water spurts at me but not consistently?
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    Thats the system flush connection.

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    any ideas as to why its overheating though?

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    why do you think it is overheating? If water is coming out of it then it is most likely not tightened down. It's where you connect a garden hose so you can flush it after a day out.

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    because the heads seem hot ... and water box/ muffler are SUPER hot (when water drips off me onto the water box it sizzles) and im pretty sure that it not supposed to be the case...... O and water only comes out when i hold the valve down w/ my finger.. and its not a whole lot of water, more like an intermittent trickle....

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    Hot means you couldnt hold you hand on it for any length of time. Do you have a working MFD to display overheat? It sounds like its probably fine if you ask me, but it looks really beat.

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