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    95 SL 750 front seat clip issue

    Ok so I was out riding today and the front clip on one site popped a rivet. I thought no problem, I will just run up to HD and get the right rivet. NOOOOOO! They do not carry them that big. Does anyone know what the rivet size is, or maybe a better fix?

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    me too please, I used 2 smaller ones and they both popped

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    You can check for large rivets at

    While there, maybe look for an expansion nut. Something like a rivet nut and use red loctite to keep it from backing out.

    Something like this? (middle row, far right is what I'd use)

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    I found a specialty store here in town and got a new rivet gun and 1/4" rivets. It worked perfectly.

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    The same thing happend to me not long ago, and what worked like a charm was a wall anchor (used for securing a larger screw in dry wall). Just push it in the hole that remains, and start screwing on it. As the arms bow out, it pulls the clip up to the seat. Tight as factory! Readily available at HD or Lowes.

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