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    Rear boarding step

    I just wanted to know if they make a rear boarding step for the 2002 1200XLT, and if they do, where might I be able to find one. Also, is installation something that i should take to a shop to do?

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    this might have it...i was to lazy to look lol

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    Boarding Steps Provides a wide stepping surface for ease of boarding, especially in deep water. Made from 6016-T6 aircraft-quality aluminum. Features a foam-padded step for comfort. Retracts automatically after use. MWV-FSTEP-FX-06Boarding Step, YAM FX140/FX-HO `03~07$ 215.89 MWV-FSTEP-SU-V1Boarding Step, YAM SUV$ 199.95 MWV-FSTEP-XL-LTBoarding Step, YAM XLL/XLT$ 199.95 MWV-FSTEP-X1-V1Boarding Step, YAM XL700/WaveVenture All$ 199.95

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    On my skis, I usually pick up a $20 water skiing tow rope and use the handle as a step. Cut the rope to the desired length and tie it to a stainless carabiner clip and then clip it onto the towing eye and when not in use, you can Velcro it to the grab rail. Its universal, removable, and a whole lot cheaper!

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    i have a boarding step from a SHO if it fits ill sell it cheap

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