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    Subaru Outback???

    I am looking to downsize and am curious if anyone here is pulling a ski with an Outback. I have an RXTiS. I am looking at either the H6 or XT (turbos). They are rated for about 3000 pounds and the trailer doesn't seem to have too much tongue weight. But I am curious as to what the MPG would be towing. Anybody here pulling a ski with one of these?

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    I pull with the H6 and she pulls fine with a single. Have not pulled the double with it yet.

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    I'll be pulling a single as well. What's your Highway MPG when towing?

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    Just got possession of a silver 2010 Subaru Outback 3.6R. I picked this one up, mainly because of towing my toys (Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo and the ATV) along with a trailer for plywood and other home projects.

    The H6 with the 3.6R engine works perfect for towing around the RXT iS. You can't feel it behind you even. I've towed it a few times to the local marina and to the dealership earlier this season (about a half hour away), so I can't really comment on the mileage, yet. I got the towing hitch and electrical work done at the dealer so that it was completely ready for my fun trips! The only slight downside is the receiver on the hitch is a bit noisy (rattling a little on bumps), which I will solve when I get a better pin (getting the locking one with key), since the OEM one is a little bit loose. Anyway, rest assured that I will be taking this baby on longer trips this summer.

    I got the 3.6R fully-loaded leather+navigation package and I love the bells and whistles. This thing rides like a dream! AWD ensures that I pretty much never slip/skid when recovering the Sea-Doo on the ramps.

    There is even a "launch" button you press when you're launching the trailer. I forget what it's called right now... When you press it, it engages your brakes and then slowly releases them when you press the gas pedal, and when you release the gas, the brakes automatically engage again. This is so that the car doesn't back up (or DOWN I should say) when you're pulling your toy out of the water. It almost acts like a clutch of sorts (best way I can describe it).

    This thing is PERFECT for what we need it for... Ordered it at the beginning of April, and picked it up one month later. Manufactured on April 2010... So it wasn't even made when we ordered it. So far, I have about 1500km on it (just under 1000 miles) and I'm extremely happy with it. Using the old 3.5L V6 Chrysler Intrepid so far for everyday use and some towing, and this one is just a weekender (or I'll tow the RXT IS to the lake with it once in awhile too), since the Intrepid still works perfectly fine.

    I love this car and it suits my needs perfectly!

    One sidenote I should mention... You can tow up to 3000lbs. with this car, HOWEVER, the manual states that over 1600lbs. (or so, from what I remember), you need to have electric brakes on your trailer. I guess that its a safety thing and to prevent excessive wear on your brakes. Also, towing in mountainous areas at high heat can overheat your transmission if you're not careful, not just this car, but every car.

    Here in Ontario, none of those are really a problem for me (heat nor mountains) and I'm well within the towing capacity (Sea-Doo = 950lbs., ATV = 600lbs., Ski-Doo = 400lbs.) I think that both of my trailers (PWC and utility) are rated for about 1500lbs. anyway.
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    i you should be fine towing it will dip you mpg slightly but i doubt it will be a whole lot at most 4 or 5 on average.more likely with that car 2-3.

    my friend has an sti and beats the piss out of it and it wont die after 90k im very impressed. i will say this it is an 06 and the rockers are full of holes out on it though.

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    I pull my '01 Yamaha XLT 1200 with my wife's Ford Freestyle, which I'm told the transmission (AWD CVT) is based on subaru technology.

    It pulls great, RPMs are a bit higher than normal but that's to be expected with the extra weight. I'm told the big issue with pulling with a passenger car is the extra load put on a transmission that's not designed for towing. Tow limit on the Freestyle is like 200 tounge / 2000 trailer.

    Other than the sloshing of fuel pushing me around when I brake, the ski rides great! cant even tell it's back there.

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    Sorry for the late reply, but I tow my '98 challenger 1800 with my '05 outback xt, 5MT without issue. I get about 12-14mpg while towing this boat, 23-25mpg daily driver. I did swap out the OEM clutch for a ACT HD organic clutch and WRX flywheel; not sure how the OEM clutch would take the ramps but I'm sure it would be ok.

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    Any issues with launching in the Outback? I'm considering getting an Infiniti FX45 to tow my Sea Doo Speedster 150 (16.5' boat). On trailer it's only around 2500lbs and I know the FX45 V8 would have no problems towing.. but I wonder about the launch.. and taking on water.

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    I tow my STX with my '05 STi, handles it no problem. You won't even notice the ski with that H6!

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