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    Ultra 150 - Extra cable in engine bay

    Just picked up a 2005 Ultra 150 a few weeks back. Its been running a little choppy at the lake the last few trips and was debating on rebuilding the carbs since the previous owner didn't use it for over a year before i bought it.

    Was looking in the engine bay and noticed there was an extra disconnected cable stuffed up towards the front. Might be a really simple/stupid question, but we can't figure out what its for! lol Everything else seems to be hooked up just fine (oil pump, throttle cable, exc.)

    Does this motor have power valves? Kinda hard to tell.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    Thats your training wheels

    What that cable is is the smart steering. It opens the throttle slightly if you chop the throttle and turn. You can unplug the actuator and completly remove it if you want.

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    LOL Thank you thank you thank you!

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