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    Need Help with HEAD removal 06 RXP

    Well I was using this new nifty RIVA tool that allows you to take valve springs off WITHOUT removing the head and my compressor lost pressure and one of the valves dropped out of head. So NOW I will need to take head off. Anyone having experience doing this I would appreciate any tips. Better yet if you are in DFW area I would be happy to drop some coin to have you come out to my place and help me get this done. This shimming springs and installing lighter retainers is a much bigger job than I imagined. THX.

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    using air to hold the valves up is a decent short cut but risky as you just found out. An alternative method is to use soft, small diameter braided rope stuffed down the spark plug hole then rotate the engine by hand until the piston has the rope up against the valves. If you bump the valve stem it can break the seal and the valve drops so it's best to use the highest pressure that your compressor is capable of.

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    Let me know how this ends up, as I will be doing the same thing at some point. Just with out the removing of the head I hope! Good luck

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    What is interesting about that is the RIVA instructions state to use a MaX of 80 PSI. My compressor will push 175 PSI easy but I regulated it back down to 80 PSI which was probably a mistake in hindsight. Good tip bTW. thx

    I plan to post a HOW TO on this as it is not as staright forward as I thought initially. I am going to check Monday to see if someone makes titanium valves for this head.
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    Sorry to hear you had a problem that I feared also. We just did the change also, but on a brand new motor so the seals were probably tighter. The head removal isn't bad, but you now need to purchase new head bolts as they're "stretch" as are the rocker bolts. Be careful on the cam timing and chain removal.

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    Also, if you bring the piston to top dead center the valve wont drop all the way down.

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    also remember that when using air to hold the valves in place the piston needs to be in BDC, if not you run the risk of cranking the engine over and causing major damage.

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    Drain Antifreeze
    turn over til front cylinder top dead center ( sorry you can't turn over)
    remove valve cover
    remove intake
    remove cam chain tensioner
    remove cam wheel
    remove j pipe slide back still in waterbox
    remove head bolts 1/2' air gun helps
    2 water hoses under exhaust manifold

    you will need to align cam to crank
    you will need a new head gasket
    head blots can be used 2 to 3 times
    rocker bolts can be used 2 to 3 times

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