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    ultra 130 ????????

    I was wondering if anyone here could help me out I am looking at a ultra 130 2001 the guy says the ski has been siting for 2 years in his yard and it has good compression, but will not run if you spray gas into the intake it will fire. any ideas what the problem may be.

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    I hope the gas isn't 2 years old! It could be any number of things such as old gas, fuel pump, EMM (engine management module), CPS (crank position sensor), etc.

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    Well id try the gas issue first. Get all the old gas out of the system and tank if any left and put new gas in and start from there. Its the best thing to start with in my opinion if you said it fired up when spraying gas in it. Little time consuming to do but its a cheap start!

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    Thanks for everyones in put.

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    This ski is fuel injected do you think that the injectors could be clogged from sitting?

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