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    Need Virage Help

    Does anyone know if there's a polaris mechanic near titusville fl that can run diagnostics on a 2002 polaris virage 800. I ride for maybe 15 to 20 minutes then it will start spitting and sputtering then it dies and will not start up i've changed the gas cleaned the plugs and all electrical connections and tried disconnecting the tps after and it still will not start and idle even. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Are you seeing a red warning lamp and warning message on the display?

    Are you using the correct spark plugs?

    Sometimes just installing new spark plugs makes a difference. NGK PZFR6H spark plugs, no substitutes.

    Make sure the EMM water cooling is working properly. If the EMM isn't getting enough cooling water flow, it will internally overheat and not work properly.

    Disconnect the small water supply hose at the bottom fitting on the flywheel housing cover. Connect it to a garden hose with an adapter, then flush it it out. Don't apply huge water pressure, just verify it is flowing properly through the EMM. The water exit from the EMM is at the exhaust exit hull fitting.

    Check all the water hoses for kinks or damage, especially the small hoses.

    While you are in there, check that the auxiliary water injection solenoid isn't broken. It is hidden under the main exhaust pipe, to the left of the ignition coil bracket.

    Polaris Ficht Fuel Injected Engines

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    Thanks k447 I'll try those when i get home last time when it started messing up the check engine display did come up, where exactly is the emm and is the water fitting connected directly to it?And I am using the correct ngk plugs.

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    Arrow Removing the Ficht EMM - 2002 Virage

    Quote Originally Posted by Jamey1985 View Post
    ...last time when it started messing up the check engine display did come up,

    where exactly is the EMM and is the water fitting connected directly to it?...
    The 2002 Virage EMM is mounted in a stupid location, in terms of service. It is mounted underneath the steering area above the fuel tank, accessed by removing the front storage bucket.

    The bracket that the EMM sits in has sharp edges, and seems designed to make it hard to work on the EMM

    Note: If you decide to remove the EMM, prepare for some cussing. First remove the single bolt that holds the front of the EMM in a rubber bushing. There are two more rubber bushings at the rear - just wiggle the EMM forward to slide it out of them.

    You won't be able to get it pulled forward very far before the water lines bind on the SS mount

    There is a large 40-pin connector on the rear of the EMM that needs to be unplugged. It is held in place with a single 4mm hex head screw in the center of the connector.

    You will not be able to see what you are doing, and working by feel is required to undo the screw and release the connector. Dropping the hex key a few times is part of the process, as is losing it down under the fuel tank
    You will see the small water lines, one on each side of the EMM. (Actually Polaris just used fuel hose for the water lines.)

    One small water hose goes down to the stator cover on the front of the engine. The cooling water flow comes into the stator cover via the bottom fitting, through the cover, then up to the EMM.

    From the EMM, the water flow goes to a Tee connection (on the two cylinder Virage i only) near the front of the engine. One exit from the Tee goes to the rear of the hull, where the EMM cooling water exits via a nipple on the exhaust hull fitting. Make sure that cooling line is not trapped under the battery, or otherwise damaged.

    The other Tee exit goes to the water injection solenoid valve on the exhaust system (two cylinder Virage i only) . This is an auxiliary water injection feed for the exhaust pipe, and is not critical to engine operation.

    The water injection solenoids often fail and fall apart. If yours has, you can remove the solenoid valve, and cap off the connection on the exhaust pipe, and the Tee.

    Electrically, the EMM will post a non-critical service code for the missing solenoid, but it doesn't seem to affect engine operation. You can install a 1,000 ohm resistor between the two pins on the wire harness, and the EMM will be happy with that.

    Check engine light means there is a service code stored in the EMM. It might give you a clue what the EMM thinks the problem is. You can read the code(s) out using a simple tool.

    How to read Polaris Ficht EMM trouble codes without special software or a computer
    When the Check Engine message comes on, the EMM stores special codes into memory.
    You can read those codes, and find out what the EMM thinks may be the problem.

    Clearing EMM Service Codes using jumper or TPS cycling
    Note: the EMM may automatically clear old service codes after 15 running hours, if the same code has not re-occurred during that time.
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