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    Arrow Need tire and other trailer info

    Trying to get my trailer ready ASAP and I need some new tires and plan on getting new rims too. But I need to get edumacated with what tires I should get. It's just a single axle small ski trailer. Current tires say 4.80-4.00 and are 5 lug, not sure what size rim. I will pay a little more so I can have something safer and with a better rating. But I don't know what bias ply, radial, and the different numbers mean....I have searched some but only getting some of my questions answered. I was just going to get some rims/tires from harbor frieght or something as last resort since I need something local but would rather not.

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    No one knows anything about trailer tires?

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    I would up size them to 570-8 and get loadrange "C" tires not "B" worth the differance to me. Buy tires and rims complete time you pay to have them mounted total cost is the same and you old rims and tires can be used for spairs, Tommy Jordan

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    Both Walmart and Academy will sell tire/wheel combinations and if you have 12 inch tires a new set should run less than 50 a piece.

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    I just literally got done changing the tires....I took off the 4.80X8 and put on a 5.70's like another member suggested and they just bareellyy fit, kinda had to smack it to get it to fit in the fenderwell. Hoping it doesnt hit the inside of the fender when the suspension travels, if not I'm going to have to lift up the fender. The wheels are deff tuckin like a lowered car tho

    Got em for like $40 each with a 5 lug white rim from hecht trailers in my town..(I think theres only 2 stores)..TONS cheaper than buying it anywhere else especially marine stores which was also a B range not a C like I got. Walmart didnt have my size anyway.

    Now I'm gonna get a set for my boat trailer....some 12 inchers

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    Tractor Supply has trailer tires available also.

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