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    STX12F No spark no start

    I have a 2004 STX 12F. removed prop housing to facilitate repalcement due to corrosion binding prop and not letting it turn over. once i removed the housing i wanted to start it up while waiting on parts to show up. it wont start and has no spark and i cant hear a fuel pump working either. any help would be nice.


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    Remove the fuel pump 2-pin connector from the main harness. You can reach from the front hatch. But removing the glove compartment storage will give you better access. Then, apply 12 VDC directly to the fuel pump and see if the pump would turn or not (should make a wheezing sound if working). If not, the fuel pump motor is locked up due to corrosion (bad fuel with water/ethanol would do that).

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    the prop shaft is not supported at the back and you will break something


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    WILL NOT RUN WITH PROP OFF! Gotcha. I wont.

    I will check fuel pump and wait for the jet to be reinstalled before trying to start, unless i can remove shaft to prevent damage.

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    bleed pressure off system and turned on ski no voltage going to fuel pump. what now.

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    to check the pressure you have to bump the starter button, you may have done that but I missed it when I was playing with my 15f intake manifold. check the ignition coils too its an easy thing to do


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