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    95 Polaris slt 750 need help!!

    I got a 95 polaris slt 750 and rebuilt the whole top end put the triple out flow fuel pump on it and blocked off the oil and went to premix. I can get it to start and idle but when I give it gas all it does is fall on it face and dies out! Is there something that i am missing or something else I need to do????? :smt100

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    Have you rebuilt the carbs?

    Have you replaced the fuel lines?

    Have you inspected the petcock?

    Have you inspected the fuel tank for obstructions/debris?

    Have you checked your water seperator?

    Have you checked you in line fuel filters?

    Have you checked your compression?

    Have you double checked your fuel hose routing?

    Have you set your carbs back to factory specs?

    Have you checked your spark plug gaps?

    Have you tried clipping your plugs wire back?

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    First thing that comes to my mind is a missing fuel restrictor.
    What's your fuel pressure at idle and at WOT?
    Will it accelerate if you pull the choke or pump the primer (if installed)?

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    i got the fuel restrictor in there now i need to still check the psi what should it b at? and yes if i pull the choke out a little bit i can get the rpms up it is not a lot but they will go up but as soon at u let go of the choke it falls right back on it face and dies out! i am mixed 32:1 right now and i am getting a lot of stuff comming out exhaust can it be that i have my premix to rich?

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