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    Exclamation 155 4tec water pump ????

    How can you tell if the water pump is moving the coolant, The main hose which brings the coolant in to the head is getting very HOT, the other hoses are not as severe. Thanks

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    Not one person know any thing

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    The hose coming off the head is the water outlet hose. The hottest water is coming thru that hose. It's normal to have that hose hotter than the others.

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    Yep, sounds a good diagnosis to me.

    The oil-pump turns the same shaft as the water-pump impeller, so that will be turning for sure if no bells are sounding.

    There is a remote possibility the nylon impeller has gotten jammed in there, but I much, much doubt it.

    If the ride plate is getting warm->hot, then coolant is circulating.

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    Thank you guys so much for the replies back, Is it ok if im running it out of the water, im still working on it, I bought the motor used and have been trying to get it too run smooth. Also this hose gets real hot, the hose feels like it loosing strength.

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    Don't run too long out of the water.

    Does the rideplate get warm->hot ?

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    Have not checked that, will do first thing in the morning, The drive shaft is still out of the motor, still waiting for the parts to come in, I also run it with water from the hose. I ran yesterday for about 45 mins, I hope I didnt screw anything up.

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    45 mins will not do it any good am afraid. 20mins really starts to wreck the carbon ring. It litterally burns it so to speak, and the support ring will be damaged on its mating surface.

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    Any way to tell if these are ok

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