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    Looking to buy a used RXP, what should I know?

    Hey guys. I've been lurking for a few weeks. Great site.

    I'm looking to buy a used RXP within the next few days. I'm looking at a used 2004 that has around 116 hours on it, looks to be garage kept, and really clean.. What should I look for when I go to check this thing out?

    Also, what are the main differences between 2004, 2005, and 2007 RXPs? Are there certain things to look for on certain years? Are certain years better than others?

    If there's a site or thread that outlines this stuff I appologize, I havent found it.


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    Good luck with the replys to this one.
    I purchased an 04 RXP a couple years ago with about 60 hours. Didn't know about the supercharger washer issue then but sent it off to Jerry for a complete rebuild when it had about 70 hours on it. You will hear about the exhaust valves rusting issue and check the compression on the cylinders. It's a must to have the stock super charge washer replaced with metal ones. If you're getting around 68 plus mph and 7850 rpms you're ok. There is a recall / update for the 04 RXP for a spark knock issue. Requires an update to the ECU (Buds) and a pig tale that goes inline in some electrical stuff. I paid $10 bucks at the Seadoo dealer to have the ECU put on the Buds and I think I paid less than $25 bucks for the pig tale off ebay for a new part.
    I'm only at 89 hours on my 04 RXP and have no issues.

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    If possible, I would always suggest a unit with an extended warranty. Great skis, just check the bottom carefully for any chips or cracks, which can lead to a hull delamination. Also, read this:

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    Take your time when looking things over. Its easy to miss something while being excited about getting on the water. I'd ask for a test ride and/or to let a mechanic check it over.

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    Hey mate,

    I bought a 2005 RXP 215 about 4 weeks ago, 99hours full service history and everything.
    2 days of taking it out, dropped a valve, and is going to need a full rebuild.

    I took it to the shop and the guy had about 6 2004-2007 RXP heads that had done the same thing, dropped the exhaust valve in the rear cylinder. The reason why this is common (from my experience) is; if the ski has been left for a prolonged period (eg. over winter) and has not been started constantly or fogged (sprayed a type of oil in the intake to coat all the valves), the remaining water in the exhaust tends to evaporate, thus resulting in the exhaust valve rusting up.

    So from my experience it is probably worth while to take it to a shop and get checked out before buying it, or buy it and get the head checked or rebuild straight away.
    Im in Australia and if i had done this it would have probably cost me $800 to replace the valves instead of a $6,000 rebuild.

    Other than that, as far as i know, check the wear ring on the impeller, check that it has the steel washers in the supercharger, and at about 100hrs it is recomended that the supercharger get rebuilt, the rest is a plain visual examination.

    Goodluck and Happy Hunting


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    Thanks for posting that AJ.

    Good information.

    Any 04-05 motor needs to have the exhaust valves replaced straight away.

    You def need to factor this in to the cost when buying an older RXP.

    SO many people jump on this forum and say they have bought an 04 RXP with 40 hours on it and are wondering what to check and a few people suggest doing valves straight away and get shot down by retards that have no experience and say dont bother as its only done 40 hours etc and go buy a big ass supercharger.

    Is it really worth the risk!!

    I bought a ski and did 4 hours on it before it destroyed it self due to a dropped valve.

    BRP have reduced the price of these down to around $500 the last time i heard.

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    I also just bought a used 04 for the summer. It had 46 hours on it. Great ski, but have replaced this so far.

    Wear ring
    Large O ring between pump and boat
    Send Super charger to Jerry
    Grinded all the sharks teeth off, due to previous damage.

    Around $600 and thats doing it all myself. NO telling what the cost would have been at a stealership.

    Boat is great now. Have not even looked at a valve deal yet though??


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    04-05 need exhaust valves replaced, flywheel bolts replaced and supercharger rebuild. 06+ ski have updated valves & fly wheel bolts but still should have the supercharger rebuilt with an 08+ rebuild kit, At minimum it will need metal washers. Main problem with these ski is the supercharger & the 08+ kit is the best as it has beefed up parts and metal washers & if you add Riva clutch washer and McMaster spring washer it will increase the reliability ever more. Also so you know ALL 2008+ skis have Metal washers from the factory.

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    I would do all the valves, i have seen intake valves drop on two different 2005 rxp's, and my own 2005 crack.... Mine was cylinder #2, can you say lucky !!!!
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    Hey ! Juste to repeat nearly what was say: all years, verify washer's supercharger.Best year 2004, after i know that there is problem on valve from the year 2005. Finally, it's a so good machine, you'll prefere lakes, or if you've got big arms, you can try the sea

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