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    Exclamation '94 waveraider water shooting from head

    Hey guys,
    Did pistons and rings on my waveraider last weekend now today I go to start it up. When i turn on the hose, water started shooting from the head where the head bolts onto cylinders. I put on a brand new head gasket when i did pistons and rings. Now there are black o rings around the top of the cylinder walls, aren't these suppose to seat in the head? I ask because after inspecting the gasket, it actually goes over those black o rings as if it were to small. I have Riva heads on it so I am going to call them tommorow, but do you guys have any ideas? I would really appreciate any help.
    Thanks a lot, John

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    Shortly after my head was milled, I blew the cheap paper gasket. Water everywhere. I went back to stock Yamaha (w/metal) and it has been running fine for years now.

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    I think my problem is the Riva heads I have aren't suppose to be used with a paper gasket, just the o rings on top of the Cylinder walls. Can I also you silicone gasket though you think? just to give it that extra seal? Let me know what you think, Thanks

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