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    long trips questions

    can my skii go with long hours of travel on the sea? as long as a have gas?? suggestions?

    can fuji engine 2 stroke survive long trips???

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    The Fuji in proper working order is an extremely reliable power plant.
    My 750 has over 300 hours, is ridden by all new commers and abused because it slides out real well.
    The SLT780 has about 200 hours and after a carb rebuild has never run better.
    I sold about 13 SLT780's to a rental company at Lake Don Pedro, they ran them at least 6 hours a day, seven days a week until they closed the marina.

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    thanks craft, it means... it will.... as long as the engine is in good shape =)

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    proper good fuel as well long hours under wot with low grade gas can cause problems

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    im using 95 octane fuel ...

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