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    Could some one tell me if my pop off was to high or not even what would happin to the motor in proformance?

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    Doh, no one responded and I have a different twist on this question.

    What symptoms would be displayed if the pop-off pressure is not correctly set? Specifically would the problem manifest itself on the upper end of the throttle range and would it result in a continuous surging condition?

    Stock 95 wave raider 700, changed ignition coil with OEM from a different ski, problem still exists. Carbs were rebuilt before I bought ski, so I am wondering if that is the problem. Fuel appears to be issue as when it surges if I prime the engines and hold throttle open the engines continues to run but after stopping prime the surging returns. Also, only surges above half throttle normally at 3/4 range, and also after 3/4 throttle the ski doesn't accelerate any faster. Also checked cable and the cable does continue to open the butterflys and at wot the butterflies are 90 degress vertical.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated as this gremlin is driving me crazy, thanks in adavance.


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