I'm new to jet boats but not completely uninformed when it comes to boats and motors generally. Today I'm going to look at an '05 Sportster with the 215 motor and 166 hours on the clock. Evidently the selling dealer performed all service on the boat so I'm hopeful they will have records I can look at. Would be grateful for advice on what questions to ask and what to watch for.

I've spent an hour reviewing threads on the forum and see that the supercharger washers / clutch is an issue with this motor: I will ask if the SC has been rebuilt and if so, whether steel washers were used. I also see that some people have found a poor bond on the parting line along the transom allowing water to get in. I'll check that too. I'll also do the usual flashlight in the impeller and maybe check compression if they'll let me.

If I get it I have no current intentions of hopping up this boat: I just want a reliable jet-drive boat for towing my kids on a wakeboard and getting around the lake. I expect any mods I make will be to improve reliability. With that in mind should I be expecting to put some preventative-maintenance dough into this boat as soon as it gets home?

Thanks very much in advance for any tips on what else I need to check / ask / expect.