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    Sludge buildup in PV compartment?

    Hello, just installed wave eater clips on my 00 GP1200R, and noticed what I thought was a good amount of sludge buildup in the powervalve area. The ski has around 100 hours on it, and for the first 70 hours it was run on Yamalube, so I assume from what I have read that this is the cause. My question is, should I pop the covers and clean them up? Brakleen? Would like to hear if this is normal also.


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    Yea this is normal mine had the same at 60hrs...From what I have heard they should be cleaned every 40 hrs or so.

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    For God's sake, whatever you do DON'T USE THE SEARCH BUTTON because this topic has never, ever been discussed. So if you were to abide by the forum rules posted at the top of this page, you would find absolutely no information on this topic. But since we've never heard of PV sludge or waveeater clips, there's nothing we can do to help you. I would sell the ski and buy a 4 wheeler.

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    Run through 8L of MOTUL 800 and the sludge will clear up significantly - cheapest Ive found

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