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    2006 GP 1300 Display Issues

    Hello again,

    Just wanted to thank everyone who helped with my previous oil issues... Problem solved and you saved me time and money with taking it for service.

    Here is my new problem. ON my second Gp1300 I am having some trouble with my display. It was working fine and then I jumped a big wave, and the machine came down hard. Then the display went out. I was getting some warning lights and chirp.. and then blank. After a restart it will come on, but only with some of the characteers illuminated, ( mostly the fuel indicator).. But it is giving me the wrong fuel level. I was able to get a error code of 48, and as per the manual it sounds like it's a display issue.!!!!

    Any idea's from anyone what this could be?

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    something simple to try first: check all electrical connections...
    maybe something jarred loose...

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    Already tried that... Made sure no connections where loose, or had signs of corrosion. Anything else it could be?

    Or what the 48 code usual means?
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    Code Symptom
    01 Normal
    13 Pickup coil malfunction
    15 Engine temperature sensor malfunction
    18 Throttle position sensor (TPS) malfunction
    19 Incorrect battery voltage
    22 Sensor assembly (atmospheric pressure sensor) malfunction
    23 Sensor assembly (intake air temperature sensor) malfunction
    47 Slant detection switch malfunction
    48 Incorrect data transmission
    53 Exhaust temperature sensor malfunction
    54 Stepping motor malfunction
    55 Steering sensor malfunction
    59 Memory data malfunction
    65 Cooling water temperature sensor malfunction
    66 Stepping motor stuck open
    67 Stepping motor stuck closed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Private View Post
    Already tried that... Made sure no connections where loose, or had signs of corrosion. Anything else it could be?

    Or what the 48 code usual means?
    48 usually indicates a bad connection

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    Figured it had to do something with a connection... But would it be associated with a ground? would that explain why it sometimes goes completely off... and then half of the display on..!!! It's not even counting the hours!!!!!

    Any idea where the connection problems usually are, or a way to diagnose it?

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