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    2002 Virage Bilge pump wont stop?!!?!?

    Hey I have a 2002 Polaris Virage 800 I the bilge pump continues to run after installing a new battery (had the batt out for the witnter) The bilge runs and will not stop. I started the jet ski and the bilge pump fuse popped. I installed a new fuse and with the battery hooked up the bilge runs. I was told that there is maybe a voltage regulater that could be bad??? Where is it? Anyone know the part number or any idea why it would stay on?



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    bilge pump control

    If my feeble old memory serves me correctly the polaris runs the bilge pump anytime the engine is your controller must be toasted.

    Might be cheaper to get an automatic bilge pump if the price of the electrical bit you need is more then $50 ( likely) Auto bilge puymps are a bit pricey, but they check for water and only run if there is some in the pump.

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    I would also suspect the LR module has failed.

    Polaris part# 4010724 SUBSTITUTED BY 4010906

    $75 from PartsPitStop

    Just to be sure, find the wires for the bilge push button in the electrical box, and make sure the bilge switch or switch wiring is not shorted.

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