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    Talking You Gotta see This

    Is this BowSnipers secret Project ?

    OK........How can I start this??? I built this boat 2 years ago, I bought a Polaris 750 and cut it to fit in the bottom of this thing, While I had the motor out, I completely tore it down and replaced all the seals, starter and anything it needed, put it all back together and fiberglassed it into this boat, Well....Then I kinda lost interest for a while, (just didnt have time to work on it), so it sat in my back yard all summer last year, and im tired of looking at it now, and cant seem to get in the mood to do anything else with it, it needs someone to finish it up and it will be a great little boat, the good thing about it is its kinda low profile, and can run in very shallow water if need be, so maybe if someone has a small lake on their property or something like that, its perfect for that, or even a big lake is fine too, I was going to run it at Racoon or Gueist. I have alot of chrome hand rails that are not on it right now, I bought a brand new steering assembly for it, Everything is new on it, well.....believe it or not, I have over $1800 in this thing as it sits, but I dont want anywhere close to that....I would rather someone just finish it so maybe someday, when I see you on the lake, I can take a ride in it....he he.........about the only thing it need to be done is to put the ignition switch in, a battery, and just a few small things like that, I would even be willing to help you if you run into any problems.....The boat is water trustworthy, because I had it on the lake before I converted to the jet ski, I had a 65hp Mercury on it and at half throttle I was going 45mph, I decided it was way too much moter for it, I have a speedometer in it, and a new depth just need to come see if interested, while it sat,the sides kinda bubbled a little, so that need to be fixed....if someone brought me $450 they would own it and the trailer, I have titles for was another ordeal......OMG...but have them now......Got it out today, and it fired right up.........Call Don or text me at 317-345-3298
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    Nice rear!

    But does it have the triple outlet fuel pump??
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    Nope not me.. 785Pro guy now.. Mabye a Matrix someday. Or another Pro to build from scratch.

    I have a killer Paint scheme for it.. Black bottom, Copper metallic topsides, black hood,rubrails,console, Carbon fiber black seat with white piping and the rear of it all copper metallic. White with black outline Pro 785 on the side like the other one has. A No.1 on the console.

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