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    My r12x is running like a r1/2x help needed

    Ok i have a 04 r12x it runs really rough for the frist 10 to 15 min after that i starts running better turbo hits hard but it still screws upand loses power . On top of that it has idled rough since last year i just replaced the plugs and put new gas in and no better old plugs were dark?? Please help any ideas ??

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    Fuel injectors? Have you tried running a system cleaner through it?

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    Thanks trying that this weekend going to run lucas fuel injector cleaner through it and will update with outcome any other ideas i can try??

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    screw lucas, run a can of seafoam through it the put some into the engine as well, then run it some more, and then change the oil after anothere full tank of gas. should do the trick!

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