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    Question Anybody ever have valvetrain issues on an R12x?

    Right at the end of a day of riding on Lake Michigan I though I developed what I thought was a fouled plug from the large amount of on throttle/off throttle from the waves that day. Oddly enough though this "fouling happened" just slowly moving towards shore with one of my kids on the back.

    Well this "fouling" is not that at all. It isn't fuel. It isn't spark. It isn't a management module. Both cylinders 2 and 3 are dead. How the hell it even ran on only 1 and 4 to get me to the boat ramp I have no idea. Shop was pulling the motor tonight after exhausting all possible external influences and the general thought right now is the valve train.

    Only 45 hours on the ski and still under warranty luckily, but has anyone else experienced this? These seem so bulletproof that this just floors me.

    Thanks in advance and I will update once I know for sure what this is.

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    I think valve springs are a weak point when you up the boost, but for a stock ski i cant see much in the valvetrain going bad.

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    The valve springs on even a stock Honda [NA or Turbo] are weak enough to allow the valve to float, especially when jumping a wave. When it floats, it smacks the piston and the rebound releases the valve keepers allowing the valve to drop into the cylinder. When mine did this, the dealer tried to blame my modified intake grate and my aftermarket Solas impeller for it happening with over two years of warranty left. They eventually fixed it and it ran well for almost 500 hours. There are bunches of Honda heads on Ebay with dropped valves in them. Make sure yours is box-stock before you take it to the dealer.

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    Well it was indeed a dropped valve and yes, the thing is box stock. I thought I was keeping good mind of getting off throttle in the waves, to the point that I actually flooded it a couple times with too much on/off throttle.

    Of it's 45 hours I have only 3 to my own use, guess possibly it was not watched as well the previous 42.

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    Are there stronger valve springs available to Honda? If we can float these box stock I can only imagine that this is something that can happen again.

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    Nitro/Shawn on here sells a upgrade spring kit.

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    Thats why i been selling a titanium spring kit for the past 7 years. Some people say stock skis don't need it, but i say they all need it for extra performance and reliability.

    Read this link for more info...


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    Goat roper, what year is your ski?

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    Quote Originally Posted by abmobil View Post
    Goat roper, what year is your ski?

    Well the silver lining in all this is that there is not massive head damage or bottom end damage. The valve dropped out and got pushed right back up and stayed there. Small mark on the piston where the valve impacted but thats it for the bottom end.

    This could have ended much worse, covered under warranty and should have it back by next weekend.

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    Unhappy Had same issue on my VX yama

    Same deal w/ low hours and I ran for about 2-3 and got stuck/bent valve. Dump that gas ASAP and refill w/ fresh gas, sta-bil, sea foam, ring free, marvel mystery and any other mouse milk you want. The old ethanol seperates and you get varnish that gums the exh valves. Bad news.
    You are lucky you had a warranty. i didn't.

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