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    15f vs ultra 50 to buy

    Hey guys im tossing up between a 15f or ultra 250 now i know the ultra is faster and how the 15f is bang for buck,
    i have around the 14k mark(aus) to spend on trailer with rego.Just cant decide please help....!!
    **maintence on each ski?costs?what hours?

    **which is cheaper to wack bolt on goodies too for what you get in return say pipe,air filter,waterbox,maybe a pigyback ecu, also sponsers bars splashgaurd etc things like that???

    **is the supercharged ski going to cost me more to mod and last me f&*k all time? or is the 15f the bestway to go with its awsome handling etc??
    i have riden both skis but just cant decide!! HELP!

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    it looks like you want to mod it right away, so might as well get the 250 if horsepower is your main concern. Maintanance higher on 250 (supercharger can break, etc, etc, etc). 250 uses more fuel, but has much storage, etc.

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    I use my 15F as a training ski, I've changed the oil a few times, plugs twice. Other than charging the battery sometiems and adding fuel, she runs SOLID every time for me. I have 200 hours on her of HARD saltwater training. She's a great boat. Not the fastest though, but she starts, gets me to and from my destination. Not many mods for this ski unless you dump some serious cash into it.

    My 250x is the race ski. It cost WAYYYY more to operate it, and upkeep as well. MUCH more! She has broken a few times on me, so that cost money. Keep in mind, mine is a full on race ski. Prior to that she ran well. I've done much more maintenance on this ski tho. I love the ride of the 250x tho, and would not trade my setup for anything right now.

    What type of water are you riding in? ocean, or lake, or river?

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    hey guys, mainly going to be riding in the ocean and waves as i live on the goldcoast, say on a standard 250x how much more maintence is there really than the 15f? i know how good the 15f are out out the box and i want reliability......

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    the main thing to maintain is the supercharger oil, belt, pulleys, intercooler. Other than that, its just that you are dealing with a forced air motor so it is punished more than the N/A version. Another byproduct of this forced air can be gas in oil or GIO as we call it. But if you are riding in the ocean and want a more stable ride, the Ultra is hard to beat.

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