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Thread: xp hard start

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    xp hard start

    i have a 98 xp 800 its dont start if it stay in the water for a couple of hours.outside it start o.k. it begin slowly to do that.

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    you mean a 97 xp???
    the 98 was a 951

    check your battery, most likely is weak, I'd recommend going with a AGM battery they will last longer, and take a more beating from the bouncing around.


    you could have something dragging your engine, such as bad pump bearings.

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    yes its a 97 800 so i replace all the fuel line clean all the carb change the spark plug wire and plug ,found the end of the rave valve broke,i change it ,now a lot better ,a can used it but still very difficult to start ,if it stay on the water for a night it will just start before the battery die.

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