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    Windows 7, Firefox web browser?

    can mozilla firefox be used with Windows 7?

    Or is IE my only option?, Thanks...

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    I have a machine running both with no issues.

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    looking at mozilla`s site, I didn`t see any distinction between OS`s.
    It just said Window... Thanks

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    ok, it worked, setting up firefox now...thanks...

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    I personally use Chrome, I think its the best

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    You can use any of the big 3. IE, FF or chrome. I still find FF to be a memory hog and still have to close it every few hours when it becomes sluggish. Usually have to go and stop the process first in task manager as it seems to keep running for a minute or so.

    I say all this as I'm installing the 1st sp on a Vista machine that took a crap the other day. Guy asked how to fix it and I replied, "Windows 7". He bought a new ASUS.

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