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    1997 GTi control module

    Going to look at a guy's GTi for sale, say new eng, new batt, looks to be in great shape only prob is the control module, he is selling it for 600.oo not sure if it comes with a trailer.

    Why do these even have computers? Is there a way to bypass the computer? Does it just control the ignition advance?

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    Just talked to the lady and she said it ran 2weeks ago for 10min then started to conk out, she said this is what it was doing last year, adn it will start just wont keep running, that sounds more like carbs to me than a computer? I don't know, this one is mainly for the GF so the reverse and 720cc is good for her, so she can ride with me, and family can use this one...

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    With only that information, It would be hard to say what the issue is. 10 minutes seems like a long time to run if it is a fuel delivery issue.

    The MPEM for that Seadoo is not easily found, if it turns out to need one.

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